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Week starting Mar 10, 2013

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Salt Lake City,UT,

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Apr 19, 2009



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Running Accomplishments:

25 Marathons PR 3:16:08 Ogden Marathon 2014

1st marathon DesNews 2003  4:19 

Freedom 5K July 4th, 2010 18:26 (aided)

Desert News 10K July 24th, 2010 39:11 (aided)

Boston Marathon 2011 3:32:58 

Boston Marathon 2014 3:18:45

Short-Term Running Goals:

Top non-elite Local

Long-Term Running Goals:

Working on 2017 goals, I'll get back to ya when I set them.


51 years old, married, love long runs on the road.

Miles:This week: 40.22 Month: 109.51 Year: 2266.49
Adidas Cobato Lifetime Miles: 376.77
Saucony A2 Lifetime Miles: 417.48
Blue Crocs Lifetime Miles: 1067.28
Barefoot 2010 Lifetime Miles: 61.00
Red Crocs Lifetime Miles: 1381.19
Black Water Clogs Lifetime Miles: 26.73
White Crocs Lifetime Miles: 964.51
Yellow Crocs Lifetime Miles: 1185.25
Asics 2130 #21 Lifetime Miles: 360.55
Trail Shoe Lifetime Miles: 145.25
Barefoot 2011 Lifetime Miles: 10.25
Saucony Kinvara Lifetime Miles: 2936.63
Bike 2011 Lifetime Miles: 164.91
Saucony A5 II Lifetime Miles: 975.49
Saucony Fastwitch 5 Lifetime Miles: 1582.48
Lime Green Crocs Lifetime Miles: 1298.78
Bike 2012 Lifetime Miles: 92.40
Navy Baja Crocs Lifetime Miles: 566.20
Saucony A5 Lifetime Miles: 1498.90
Sandals Lifetime Miles: 164.95
Ocean Blue Crocs Lifetime Miles: 80.75
Bike 2014 Lifetime Miles: 111.00
Saucony Trail Lifetime Miles: 143.95
Barefoot 2015 Lifetime Miles: 0.25
Soucony A6 Lifetime Miles: 682.25
Bike 2015 Lifetime Miles: 45.00
Altra One Lifetime Miles: 2052.81
Topo Lifetime Miles: 82.35
Altra One Orange Lifetime Miles: 2152.40
Altra One Yellow Lifetime Miles: 1585.48
Altra One Black Lifetime Miles: 1239.27
Bike 2018 Lifetime Miles: 928.41
Topo Yellow Lifetime Miles: 26.00
Bike 2018 Conti Lifetime Miles: 113.24
Topo Black Lifetime Miles: 49.16
Total Distance
Saucony Fastwitch 5 Miles: 43.82Saucony Kinvara Miles: 37.00Lime Green Crocs Miles: 19.90
Total Distance

10 miles out and back from home.  1:32:15  9:14 ave.  Slow but felt good.  Did not want to push the pace, planning a lot of miles this week.  Felt strong, light and easy.  Shorts and sunglasses.  Spring looks to be here.

Saucony Fastwitch 5 Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

13.65 miles 2:03:28   9:03 ave pace.  9 of these miles were on the track.  soft and slow.  Lots of miles this week.  Tomorrow I will probably do the B St.-11th Ave-Capitol beat up.

Saucony Fastwitch 5 Miles: 13.65
Total Distance

4.65 am miles  9:09 pace.

13.1 pm miles 2:01:24  9:16 pace.   Last 5 miles were 8:24 to 8:54.  I was slow on the hills.  Not slogging so much at 9:30.  I guess that's a good sign.  I'm planning the same run tomorrow, hope I hold up.

Saucony Kinvara Miles: 17.75
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Total Distance

4.65 am miles  42:58  9:14 ave pace.  Usually I'm struggling when I'm running at this pace, but this morning I felt strong.  Strange feeling, slow and strong.  Never been there before.

10.1 pm miles  1:30:07  8:55 pace.  B St. route.  Feeling very good.  the last half of this run  was about 8:45, 8:30's and last mile 8:07.  I'm happy about this.   I had to lop 3 miles off this run because I had to work late.  I'll make it up over my next 4 runs remaining in the week.  I feel good enough right now to hit 100.

Lime Green Crocs Miles: 14.75
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Total Distance

6.15 am miles  9:02 ave pace 55:35  really felt great this morning.  

13.1 pm miles  9:29 ave pace 2:04:19  mileage catching up with me, every step was work tonight.  Hammered.  Looks like I'll hit my 100 mile goal.  The only question is how fast I can run my 20 miler.  I'd like to be able to do at least the last few miles at marathon goal pace.  

Saucony Kinvara Miles: 19.25
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Total Distance

First run in Crocs in a long time.  From now until the Salt Lake Marathon, I'm only going to run short distances in these.  My achilles tendons are finally healed.  I think a few years of running in Crocs was too stressful.  Gotta spank out 20 tomorrow morning.  I will hit my 100 miles this week.  Then it starts all over again.  I'm happy to be able to hit a 100.  I didn't do this at all last year.

Lime Green Crocs Miles: 5.15
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Total Distance

20.17 out and back from home, around the airport, through the International Center, along I-80 frontage road and back.  2:59:57  8:55 ave pace.  I was hoping to be under 9.  I think that was the best I could hope for capping off a 100 mile week, 27 days of continuous running and 6th 20 miler.  I looked back over the last two years and my 20 milers during the same period were 9:08 to 9:15 pace.  I'm taking this as a good sign for a possible PR April 20th.  Physically I feel pretty good.  I think I can easily keep my mileage above 80 for the next two weeks.  Maybe I'll go for 100 again.  I have a couple of non running things happening over the next two weeks that could prevent this from happening.  

9:38  9:29  9:40  9:30  9:00  8:58  8:56  8:58  8:57  8:56  8:59  8:48  8:44 8:42  8:32  8:36  8:29  8:36  8:38  8:12

I weighed myself just before I left and again immediately when I got home.  3lb loss.  It's all water loss, I take no water on the run.  So what do I do when I get home?  Guzzle hot coffee!


Saucony Fastwitch 5 Miles: 20.17
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Total Distance
Saucony Fastwitch 5 Miles: 43.82Saucony Kinvara Miles: 37.00Lime Green Crocs Miles: 19.90
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